Focart ceramic vape cart

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Focart ceramic vape cart

The Focart ceramic vape cart details:

Model Focart CBD Vape Cartridge
Tip Metal
Capacity 1.0ml
Oil hole size 1.5mm*2
Resistance 1.2ohm
Packaging 100pcs/box(tips separately with carts) ?packaging separately

Focart? CBD Vape Cartridge? Advantages:


Leak proof

Our all-new Decelerated oil Feeding System makes the oil flow slowly into the coil while you fill it so, it efficiently avoids the leaking problem


Free from Burnt After-taste

Our new cartridge structure houses a second oil compartment inside that can easily reduce the oil flow in the ceramic coil and then effectively avoid uneven heat distribution that leads to a burnt after-taste.


No Noise or Foul Smell

You can hear a clear noise when someone vapes. On the other hand, our new self-designed cartridge is quieter, and you will not hear any noise at all if it is at the distance of more than 25 cm from your ear.

Adapts to Different Viscosities

All FOCOL products are made of high-quality which have been designed in such a way that they can efficiently handle a variety of oils of varying viscosities.

No Short Circuit Problem

All of our cartridges go through a short circuit test before they are shipped. We can proudly say that up till now, we haven??t had a single complain of shipping out a cartridge with a short circuit problem.

No Choice of Oil Getting in your Mouth

Not a drop of oil sticks to the ceramic coil center in the new cartridge structure. So, no matter how hard you smoke it, there is no chance of getting the tiniest bit of oil into your mouth.


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